Media Bio

“So much better. Headache gone! Far more balanced feeling overall.”

– a client at our first clinic

Jeffrey Hotchkiss teaches and practices Reiki hands-on healing. He has shared its calming and balancing benefits since 2001, in the parks of New York City during 9/11 anniversaries and in elder communities in Maine. As an EMT and paratransit bus driver, Jeffrey has cared for people in some of their most vulnerable and even life-threatening moments.

Since 2013, Jeffrey has served people with chronic pain or in recovery as founder of Reiki Community Health & Wellbeing, whose member practitioners have given over 2,700 Reiki sessions. Their work has been featured on WMTW TV News in Portland, Maine, and on the blogs Reiki in Medicine and Catching Health.

He is available for interviews and commentary on: professional Reiki practice and outreach to communities; Reiki practice for animals, elders, people in recovery, people with chronic pain; and how Reiki self-treatment supported his personal healing from trauma.

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