“This is seriously amazing. I feel lighter, connected as a whole. There were these tingling feelings all throughout my body….I’m very appreciative, thank you.”

– a client at our first clinic

We are very grateful for the media attention we’ve received in the past, and make ourselves available for commentary and perspective on contemporary Reiki practice.

Past Media Stories

March 2014: Guest blog for world-famous Reiki Master Pamela Miles on our Falmouth clinic.

July 2014: Channel 8 News spot on our Falmouth clinic, with Tracy Sabol. Shared by Pamela Miles on Facebook, it gained views internationally, and enthusiastic comments in five languages.

Fall 2017: Diane Atwood’s Catching Health blog. Diane is a longtime expert local reporter on health topics.

April 2018 (updated December 2018): Our 5-year history of our beginning, written and published by us, with pride and community.

Press Releases

Stay tuned!