Integr8 Health, Falmouth

Our beginning as a group came in 2013 at the invitation of Dr. Sulak (relaxing with Reiki above), founder of Integr8 Health, at his Falmouth office. We continue to operate a Reiki clinic there, giving treatment to patients of Integr8 Health as well as members of the public, on Friday afternoons and some Wednesday afternoons.

We have received glowing feedback from both patients and public clients. A brief Reiki treatment can be very effective at reducing pain and anxiety, two conditions that Integr8’s pioneering medical marijuana program treats extensively.

Call ahead, 207-482-0188, to reserve your affordable 15-minute treatment. The office is at 170 U.S. Route One in Falmouth, ME, and we also can accommodate walk-ins, if you’re in the area between 1:00 – 4:30 Friday afternoons. Check out the description on Integr8 Health’s website, for more information.