We love public attention, and especially appreciate when we get media exposure. Our goal is to gain favorable mainstream attention for how Reiki practice can serve the community. There is so much healing still to be done!

We’ve been on blogs, TV, media articles and conference websites. Twice we’ve had worldwide viral exposure. Here’s a chronological list:

March 2014  Guest blog for world-famous Reiki Master Pamela Miles on our Falmouth clinic.

July 2014  Channel 8 News spot on our Falmouth clinic, with Tracy Sabol. Shared by Pamela Miles on Facebook, it gained views internationally, and enthusiastic comments in five languages.

April 2016 Phoenix article on Reiki and recovery. See especially the quotes from our member Mary Jo DiBenedetto, and Nikki Curtis from the Recovery Center.

Fall 2017 Diane Atwood’s Catching Health blog. Diane is a longtime expert local reporter on health issues. Her blog is well worth following.

April 2018 Celebration of Reiki conference panel blog– suggestions for Reiki practitioners wanting to work with recovery communities.

April 2018 (updated December 2018) Our 5-year history of our beginning, written and published by us, with pride and community.