Mission & Vision

“Very relaxing and spiritually healing.”

– a client at our first clinic


We are a collaborative group of Reiki professionals committed to hands on healing for our communities.

We provide this service at an affordable cost in a safe, compassionate environment.

We currently work in the area of Portland, Maine, USA.



To envision the future, it helps to tell of the past. Please see our 5-year history that we published in 2018. [link]

In 2020, the COVID pandemic began, and so for everyone’s safety we paused all activities. In 2022, the pandemic continued, but we had learned how to dramatically increase safety – with vaccinations, good N95 masks, and affordable air filtration. So, we started by volunteering again at the Portland Recovery Community Center.

With strong financial support from two grants in 2022, we expect to grow our services and outreach in 2023. We will start in the Portland, Maine area, by reaching out to organizations that can benefit the people they serve with gentle touch relaxation. Relying on a core
practice of 15-minute sessions in high-quality, comfortable zero-gravity recliners, we will serve in both volunteer and paid situations.

We will expand our appeal to many audiences, with workshops in ethical awareness and cultural humility. We will offer many of these trainings online, affordable for Reiki practitioners anywhere.

After practice and experience in our local area, we’ll design ways to expand more of what we do beyond Portland and Maine.

When in a few years we have a strong, stable business, we’ll shift from sole ownership to a cooperative structure. This will give the Reiki practitioners and communities we serve a say in how we operate.



We honor and practice the Reiki Principles, expressed by Usui Reiki Ryoho founder Mikao Usui.

Today only
Do not anger;
Do not worry;
Be grateful;
Practice diligently;
Show compassion to yourself and others.

Show compassion to yourself and others

This means that we plan carefully to give treatment in settings and with approaches that:

  • are informed by our own self-care and regular self-treatment;
  • are safe and professional;
  • maintain client privacy and confidentiality;
  • respect our clients’ cultural backgrounds, beliefs and boundaries;
  • observe the limits of our Reiki practice and refrain from medical or psychological diagnosis
    or prescription;
  • honor the integrity, informed consent and inner healing capacity of our clients; and
  • empower our clients’ self-healing strengths and abilities, to support their unique healing


Practice diligently

We regularly practice our self-care – starting with our own self-treatment with Reiki.

We honor the principle of right livelihood, aiming to earn sustenance from our service to those who can financially support our work.

We follow the pay-it-forward principle of Reiki Gifting for those who need support from us and the community at large.

We work cooperatively with shared participation in Reiki Community Health & Wellbeing, and bring out the best in each other.

We fulfill our responsibility to the public by being accountable for our work and transparent in our operations and finances.


Do not anger; do not worry; with gratitude

We practice daily Reiki self-treatment, which supports our efforts each day to avoid anger and worry, and to feel gratitude for our gifts. Day by day, this practice deepens our own healing awareness, so that we may be fully present for giving treatment to others.

We observe and honor the rhythms of Nature in our lives and bodies, and take good care of ourselves. We remind and help each other to slow down and fully receive the gifts of life, love and community.

We take great joy in being able to share our practice of Reiki, for the benefit of our communities and the world around us.