Reiki Regulation 2021 – info for Maine friends and others

May 2, 2021

I have learned of new efforts to create onerous licensing for Reiki and other modalities in 8 states around the US. They are: Massachusetts, New York, Arizona, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oregon, and Florida.

I’ve attended two webinars, given by Susan Mitchell, Rita Glassman and Pamela Miles. The second one was recorded, and you may access it via Pamela’s website at this link (scroll to the top) — which also contains a summary of the webinar and very good general information about the licensing efforts. Please find and sign the petition that she links to on that page.

Massachusetts in particular is facing two separate licensing efforts – there is more info about that at the above link.

I’ll summarize this info at the Tuesday evening Zoom meeting.

While Maine Reiki practitioners have managed to prevent two attempts to restrict freedom to teach and practice Reiki — the second of which saw many modalities come together to lobby and testify at the State House — it behooves us to stay informed about what happens in the rest of the country because (1) new legislation is always possible, and (2) we may be able to help our fellow Reiki and holistic practitioners elsewhere.

Also at the Tuesday evening Zoom, I will describe in more detail how those two attempts were prevented. Links that give detailed background:

2004 Reiki Teaching FAQ article

2019 Legislative testimony on LD 364 and 1384 (written testimony at the left of the page)

I look forward to seeing you!

– Jeffrey Hotchkiss, Reiki Master Teacher