Reiki Self-Treatment

“It feels like someone cares.”

– an elder, after her first Reiki treatment

Self treatment is the foundation of Reiki practice. A strong regular – daily – practice of self-treatment strengthens you to do the big work of being present for others. When you self-treat regularly, that is your spiritual protection. When you self-treat regularly, others whom you treat will feel it quicker and stronger. When you self-treat regularly, you establish a grounded, calm, balanced stance from which to meet the many chaotic challenges that arise from within and from the world around you.

A good way to start, is to set aside time before going to sleep or upon waking up, to go through the whole sequence.

Following are two brief videos, showing hand positions for self treatment. You do not need any prayers, magick words, symbols or intentions to practice. Just put your hands on, gently. If the physical touch is uncomfortable or painful — for example, hot and sticky weather — then holding your hands just a little bit away from your body will still be helpful.

This is the short version. If you are not a Reiki practitioner, it can nevertheless help you with calming and balance. If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can do this at various times throughout the day in addition to your full practice. Even one hand position for a few minutes at a time can help in moments when you want to feel better.
This is the full version for Reiki practitioners, as I learned it. You may have learned a different version. As with the short version, you can use any one of the hand positions in moments throughout the day. You should still do your best to make a regular daily practice of the full sequence. You will notice the benefits over time, believe me!