Support Reiki for Recovery

We began volunteering Reiki services at Portland Recovery Community Center in Maine in 2015, and it has since grown into our most popular single offering.

This past year, member practitioner Mary Jo Dibenedetto began volunteering at the Lakes Region Recovery Center.

Because of our experience offering Reiki in recovery settings, we have been invited to set up a program at Milestone Recovery, in Portland. We are honored by this enthusiasm and trust, and to be able to help these foundational community projects, at a time when the issue of substance use and longterm recovery has become so visible and urgent in society. Our first visit was the last day of 2019, and we found that yes, there is a great need there.

Reiki practice provides the connection of respectful and ethical touch, allowing deep relaxation and calming. People in recovery show their appreciation for this, by showing up week after week for their 15-minute sessions.

We would love to expand our efforts, and thus invite your support. We would like to be able to offer stipends to practitioners and thus attract more who can serve. We would like to be able to offer teaching of Reiki to clients in recovery — because Reiki is a strong practice of self-care and self-calming, and quick to learn at a basic level, it can be very helpful for recovery. To offer regular trainings, we must be able to pay Reiki teachers in honor of their experience and preparation.

Your donation here will help fund these and other future programs for Reiki for Recovery.

We are most grateful to you!

*Reiki Community Health & Wellbeing is not a non-profit organization, so your donation is not tax-deductible.